ADP Integration:
Connect ADP to Your
HR Apps to Save Time
and Money

ADP integration with any HR system is fast, easy, and cost-effective with prebuilt connectors from Modulus Data.

HR professionals want to avoid double data entry between systems so they can focus on more strategic things. Re-entering new hire data from an ATS to ADP Workforce Now or ADP Vantage for payroll is inefficient, vulnerable to manual errors, and with data integration—no longer necessary.

If your company hires more than eight people a month then connecting your HR systems through data integration is a no-brainer. Data integration saves time and money and also avoids manual re-entry errors. Further, a data integration never takes a sick day.

ADP integration using Modulus DataТs connectors require no internal IT resources to create or maintain an integration. These API connectors also allow data sharing to and from ADP in real-time. Modulus DataТs prebuilt connectors streamline HR processes in ways that were previously impossible.

No one knows more about how to integrate ADP Workforce Now or ADP Vantage with HR systems than Modulus Data. We are the leading seller of ATS and Core HR connectors for ADP.

Modulus Data Wins "Best Client Testimonial" at the ADP Marketplace Partnership Summit Awards

"If you are looking to seamlessly modernize your HR processes, and you have ADP Workforce Now®, you MUST get the Modulus Data Connector with Taleo Business Edition [or your ATS]. The tools are inseparable. The team at Modulus Data was extremely knowledgeable within both platforms and made the integration effortless. And they will work to meet your needs. Amazing experience in the eyes of a very hard-to-please customer."


Curious how HR departments are using ADP prebuilt connectors to streamline HR processes?

Here are the four most popular ADP integration use cases for ADP Workforce Now or ADP Vantage:

New hires from your ATS to ADP

As soon as you press the new hire button in your ATS, new hire data automatically syncs in ADP with essential information needed to process payroll in real-time.

Update current employee data from ADP to your ATS or Core HRIS

As soon as current employee data is changed in ADP, the data automatically updates in the ATS or Core HRIS in real-time.

Manage ongoing employee updates, transfers, promotions, terminations, and re-hires

This is a complete two-way integration. It sends the new hire data from the source system (ATS or Core HR) along with employee updates, transfers, promotions, terminations, and rehires into ADP. This integration also retrieves employee IDs from ADP to keep systems in sync.

Custom field add-on integration

This integration updates custom fields in ADP with custom fields from the source system, typically an ATS.

For example, some companies like to track recruiting sources to determine which sources correlate to more valuable employees or have custom fields that reflect their unique hiring processes.

ADP Integration Guide: The 4 Most Popular Use Cases

How does Modulus Data integrate ADP data?

Through the ADP API and Modulus Connect

An API to API connection allows for near-real-time data integration. As soon as the hire button is pressed in the company’s ATS, it shows up ADP Workforce Now or ADP Vantage HCM. Our Internet Platform as a Service connector (iPaaS), Modulus Connect, provides for unlimited data transformation possibilities, near-real-time data, and rapid integration.

How fast is integration between ADP and other systems?

Total integration time is usually 4 weeks including custom data-mapping, custom testing in a trial environment, and a go-live launch.