BambooHR to ADP
to Save Time
and Money

BambooHR to ADP
to Save Time
and Money

BambooHR connectors from Modulus Data are the easiest way to connect BambooHR to ADP. Gain the near real-time transfer of data for new hires, employee updates, and journal entries between BambooHR and Workforce Now® or ADP Vantage®.

Welcome to next-generation HR data integration using prebuilt connectors from Modulus Data.

Gain seamless integration between BambooHR and ADP.

Improve your HR team’s productivity by avoiding double data entry between BambooHR and ADP Workforce Now® or ADP Vantage®.

No internal IT resources are needed to create a data integration. The experts at Modulus Data handle all custom data mapping.

Go beyond scheduled file transfer to gain near real-time data sharing via API to API connection.

Gain fast Integration using custom-tailored or turnkey connectors.

Modulus Data focuses solely on HR data integration. It’s all we do. We’re one of the leading sellers of prebuilt connectors for ADP.

The 3 Most Popular Use Cases for BambooHR and ADP Data Integration

Based on use case, Modulus Data’s BambooHR with ADP connectors come in three flavors. With data integration from Modulus Data, you only pay for the use case or use cases that you need.


Use Case Details

New Hires from BambooHR to ADP

As soon as a hiring manager presses the new hire button in BambooHR, new hire data automatically syncs in ADP in near real-time with the essential information needed to process payroll.


Employee Updates from BambooHR to ADP

As soon as current employee data changes in BambooHR, the data automatically updates in ADP in near real-time. This ensures that all employee data needed to process payroll is up-to-date for current employees.


Custom Fields

Custom fields, unique to your business, related to a person or their job can be added. If you have either person or worker custom fields in ADP (beyond ADP standard fields) that you would like to populate with data from BambooHR – a custom field add-on is needed.


“If you are looking to seamlessly modernize your HR processes, and you have ADP Workforce Now, you MUST get the Modulus Data Connector.”



New Hire and Employee Update connectors come in two flavors: custom and turnkey. Companies should choose the connector edition that works best for their business.

About Custom Integration

Features custom data mapping by Modulus Data integration experts

Custom integration using Modulus Data’s BambooHR connector is fast and relatively easy. The experts at Modulus Data do all the data-mapping to create a tailor-made connector for your business. No internal IT resources are needed to create or maintain your integration.

Most businesses require a custom connector to match the unique data field names and data syntax requirements of their business. If your business has created custom fields or changed data field names in either BambooHR or ADP, you will require a custom data connector to match your unique business needs.

Fast Integration

A custom integration of the Modulus Data Connector for NetSuite with ADP can be fully deployed in 6-8 weeks.

About Turnkey Integration

Lower-priced option using standard fields and standard data syntax

Some businesses can use the turnkey version. This lower-priced, prebuilt connector works with standard field names and standard data syntax. The turnkey option is a complete integration that involves no custom mapping from Modulus Data experts.

As long as your business matches the standard data field names and syntax in both BambooHR and ADP, you can use the turnkey option to complete your integration.

Additionally, if your internal team would like to change the data field names in BambooHR and/or ADP to match a turnkey connector’s data field requirements, you can also use a turnkey version.

Request the BambooHR Integration Guide with ADP to review the Turnkey Integration Maps before choosing the version (custom or turnkey) that you require. To see the turnkey data fields and pricing, fill out the BambooHR Integration Guide request form on this BambooHR connector webpage or email for assistance.

Fast Integration

A turnkey integration of the Modulus Data Connector for NetSuite with ADP can be fully deployed in 4 weeks.

Get the BambooHR Integration Guide

We will review your request and send you the guide in one business day.