Modulus Connect:
The HR iPaaS

The Best iPaaS for HR Software

Enjoy faster, cheaper, and easier integrations with an iPaaS designed to meet the complex requirements of HR software. Here’s the hard truth about HR data integration. No two HR apps handle data the same way through their APIs. Further, as a feature, nearly every HR app allows for custom fields. And when you give HR professionals custom fields, they tend to use them. Therefore, the majority of HR data integrations require some degree of customization.

To perfect HR data integration, you must have a flexible platform that allows for unlimited data mapping transformations and unique business rules. Modulus Connect, the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution from Modulus Data, was developed from the ground up to make HR data integration faster and easier.

Modulus Data knows HR data integration. Modulus Connect iPaaS is the next-generation, secret weapon behind Modulus Data’s ascendance to becoming the leading data integration expert for HR software. Global enterprises and small to midsized businesses rely on the Modulus Connect iPaaS platform to streamline their HR processes 24/7, 365 days a year.

What is an iPaaS?

iPaaS stands for integration platform as a service. An iPaaS is a platform that builds and deploys data integrations in the cloud between software apps. Think of an iPaaS as a virtual bridge that allows data to be shared back and forth between software apps. Better still, when using an iPaaS with an API-to-API connection, data sharing happens in near real-time. As soon as data is entered or updated in one program, the iPaaS shares it with the other.

With iPaaS, applications residing in the cloud or on-premises can be connected without a company having to install or manage any hardware, integration software, or middleware. Further, with prebuilt turnkey connectors, integrations can be created without requiring internal IT resources.

Nearly every company has embraced the time, money, and resource-saving benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service). What SaaS did to streamline software installation, iPaaS does to simplify data integration.

iPaaS Solves the Big Problem in HR

The HR process is complex and businesses face increasing competition for qualified workers. HR professionals have to find qualified candidates, recruit new hires, manage them, and make sure people get paid. HR apps have evolved to help HR professionals handle these specific functions and more. We love our apps—mostly. There are over 1,400 global HR-tech companies creating new tools to attract, recruit, engage and manage people in cutting-edge ways.

At the most basic level, companies have HR software for sourcing, recruiting, core HR, and payroll. The number of apps magnifies each year as companies replace legacy systems, merge with different entities, and operate in different countries. “On average, large HR departments now have 11 systems of record…” writes Josh Bersin for Human Resource Executive.

While HR software improves productivity, the main problem with the SaaS model is data now resides in disconnected silos in the cloud. This means that employee data has to be manually re-entered from program to program every time a new hire is added. That is a serious drag. Further, employee data has to be updated in multiple programs when something as simple as a change in home address occurs. Comprehensive reports are also impossible unless an organization can see the entire picture.

Data integration using an iPaaS solution shares data in near real-time between HR apps. Data integration allows HR professionals to avoid the soul-crushing drudgery of manual double-data entry. Rather than chiseling out records again and again, data integration allows HR professionals to focus on more strategic things that create more value for their company.

“Modulus Data’s Taleo Enterprise to Oracle HCM Integration is saving us 20-40 hour per week—essentially a full-time employee. We’re getting great and very positive feedback from recruiters and from operations. They don’t have to touch the records anymore or juggle paper forms for manual re-entry. Folks are happy to give up the drudge work. There’s a feeling that this integration really makes a difference here.”


10 Reasons why Modulus Connect is the best iPaaS for HR software

1. You can connect anything

Modulus Connect integrates any software via an API-to-API connection in near real-time at any volume in the cloud. You can also integrate any programs that don’t have an API using scheduled file transfers.

When it comes to HR software, everything connects using the Modulus Connect iPaaS.

2. Modulus Connect is an all-in-one solution

With any integration, there are two main parts. You have to write scripts to pull data from one application and write scripts to push data to another. Modulus Connect handles both pull and push as well as the data transformations to make both programs understand each other’s language.

No one knows the limitations of traditional integration tools better than the experts at Modulus Data. While at Taleo, Romain Guay, the architect of Modulus Connect iPaaS, was the original designer of the Taleo Connect Client extensions that have been used in nearly every Taleo integration and Taleo data warehouse extraction in the world.

The experts at Modulus Data know HR integrations and have completed over 2,500 custom integrations for Fortune 500 companies and midsized businesses over their careers. In 2013, Modulus Connect was created specifically to go beyond the limitations of traditional HR integration tools and create an all-in-one solution that offers clients the future of cloud-based integration.

3. Integration with Modulus Connect is faster

Instead of needing two development teams with the expertise to write scripts for two different programs, with Modulus Connect iPaaS, pull and push is integrated by one solution. iPaaS integration is typically three times faster than using two different integration tools or scripts.

For example, in a scripted custom integration between Taleo and Oracle HCM—required if you have any custom fields in Taleo or implemented Taleo first—you would need a team that can write a Taleo Connect Client (TCC) script and a team to map it to an Oracle HCM Data Loader (HDL) script, which is an extremely difficult language.

All this complexity is eliminated by Modulus Connect prebuilt connectors that include templates that can be easily tweaked to accommodate custom fields and unique business rules.

4. Leverage prebuilt connectors.

By using the Modulus Connect iPaaS, companies leverage the cost savings and increased integration speed of prebuilt connectors. Modulus Data knows the HR market. Modulus Data has already created prebuilt connectors for 60 of the most popular use cases in HR data integration involving 13 of the leading HR apps.

Modulus Data is ADP’s leading seller of prebuilt connectors on the ADP marketplace and an Oracle Gold Partner. Additionally, Modulus Data is actively helping other HR software companies to build connectors and build their own marketplaces. Modulus Data continues to build prebuilt connectors for new apps and new use cases every month.

Prebuilt Connectors

We already have prebuilt connectors for the following apps:

It’s important to understand that prebuilt connectors come in two flavors: A low-cost standard turnkey connector and one where the template can be edited to handle custom fields.

Turnkey connectors come with predefined name fields and require default syntax or default data matching between apps. If a business has added custom fields to an app or has changed how they present data within the name fields inside an app, data integration is still possible. Custom integrations will just require a custom connector to meet your specific business needs.

This is the difference between buying off the rack or having a custom-tailored suit made to fit you perfectly. Because Modulus Data sees so many custom fields and understand each HR app’s API’s, our experts can quickly modify the data mapping fields to complete any integration.

5. Gain near real-time data at any volume

Many HR applications crash if they receive file transfers too frequently. As a result, many HR departments using traditional integration scripts and file transfers for data integration reduce risk by only updating systems one time each day or at the most, hourly. This results in data lags that slow HR professionals from doing their jobs.

Using Modulus Connect’s direct connection through API, data transfer occurs in near real-time without crashing applications. Enter something in one system, and it is instantly viewable in the other system. Global client case studies have already successfully proven that Modulus Connect can handle any volume of data in near real-time.

“The Taleo Prebuilt Connector from Modulus Data gives us real-time data integration between Taleo and ADP. Before, I had to wait until the top of the hour until Taleo and ADP synched. Now, data is shared instantly, allowing me to do my job without data obstacles. This connector absolutely increases HR productivity.”


6. iPaaS costs less using Modulus Connect

Modulus Connect iPaaS was conceived to create cost savings for clients. Cost savings come from less billable hours during integration and from not having to use internal IT resources to create integrations or maintain scripts. Under the Modulus Connect iPaaS model, Modulus Data monitors, maintains, and takes whatever steps are necessary to ensure your integration stays up and working.

With traditional scripting, your company needs a qualified software engineer to monitor, maintain, and potentially alter your scripts if something breaks. That’s a lot of babysitting for a young integration. By focusing exclusively on HR, Modulus Data stays on top of changes that HR software companies make as their software’s capabilities grow. Changes in API’s or updates to the software can affect integrations, sometimes dramatically.

Modulus Connect’s iPaaS model is unique among major iPaaS solutions. You don’t pay an exorbitant fee to use the platform to build integrations. Instead, you pay as you go, only for the connectors that you use.

Pricing from a recent study found that a data integration using Mulesoft is approximately 337% more expensive than using Modulus Data’s Modulus Connect iPaaS for a typical integration involving Oracle HCM with another HR app.

iPaaS deployment of 4 connections and 2 nodes for three years:

7. Doesn’t require internal IT resources

Modulus Connect iPaaS isn’t just a platform. It’s a service. Modulus Data embraces the full meaning of integration platform as a service. If you’re an HR tech company that wants to build integrations for your clients, or an enterprise business with a robust IT department, Modulus Data will license the entire iPaaS platform to you to create integrations.

However, most of the time, HRIT resources are limited. In this case, Modulus Data provides integration services. You don’t need internal IT resources to create and maintain a data integration. Businesses can simply purchase prebuilt turnkey connectors or have the experts at Modulus Data edit templates and create custom integrations. Modulus Data also monitors and maintains your integration on the Modulus Connect iPaaS, so there is no need to dedicate internal IT resources to babysit a young integration.

8. Enjoy unlimited flexibility

Modulus Connect’s iPaaS can handle any integration, but it loves the complex stuff. Modulus Connect’s graphical interface easily allows for unlimited business rules and data mapping transformations. It’s just a question of dragging and dropping the elements you need from a pre-populated menu to complete an integration.

Start and end points, pull and push from HR API’s, and robust error handling to identify missing fields are all available by dragging icons to create the flow of your integration. Each box in the flow chart represents a section of code needed to complete a full integration.

And that’s just the beginning. You can click into each box and modify the templates and code to handle unlimited data mapping transformations. With Modulus Connect iPaaS you enjoy rapid integration prototyping and testing with room for unlimited customization.

9. Experience instant monitoring

Modulus Connect iPaaS monitors the integration from all sides of an integration and instantly generates a success or error message. Further, complex business rules can be created in Modulus Connect iPaaS so that the integration automatically handles integration errors or sends an instant email alert to notify designated people when there is an issue with even just one record.

With the Modulus Connect mobile and desktop app, you always have instant insight into your data integration’s status without running a report. Clients love being able to see the status of their integration (running or not running), and a list of all employee record updates by date and time, and any record errors on one simple screen.

Instant monitoring on the Modulus Connect iPaaS platform is a tremendous leap forward. With traditional scripting there is no proof one side of an integration is actually working unless you run an integration report from the other application.

Modulus Connect iPaaS gives you instant, more detailed insight at the glance of a screen.

10. World-class security

The Modulus Connect iPaaS leverages the Amazon Web Services’ Virtual Private Cloud Service. By using AWS, Modulus Connect iPaaS benefits from world-class data center monitoring as well as sophisticated security through firewall rules and network segmentation.

In a Modulus Connect iPaaS integration, each tier of the integration is insulated using firewall rules, and the Internet facing servers are in their own subnets. No business application is directly exposed to the Internet.

Each AWS instance is closely monitored using a third-party performance and capacity monitoring service and through the use of an “always on” intrusion detection system. All persistent data stores are configured as master/slave for active failover, and instance volumes are regularly and automatically backed-up.

Data security is a top priority for Modulus Data iPaaS. The security certifications for Modulus Connect iPaaS meet the most stringent data security requirements of international banking, insurance, and medical clients.