"In 12 years, I've never met two customers with the exact same reporting needs. If you can think of it, we can create that report.

— Sébastien Nadeau, Modulus Data Reporting Expert

Everyone’s reporting needs are different. Modulus Data uses all the reporting technologies within Taleo to create custom reporting solutions for clients.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Business Objects (disconnected at the end of 2016, so clients need to migrate to a new solution, like Oracle Business Intelligence)
  • Native Reporting (performance reporting)
  • Embedded Reporting (within recruiting)
  • Taleo Connect Client (for reports like data exports)
Modulus Data knows how to deliver integrations. Their level of expertise is exceptional. We constantly seek their advice now.

- Daniel Richard, Managing Director,
Sonru UK

When I assign a Taleo project to Modulus Data, I never have to worry about it again.

- John Weston, CEO,
Newbury Consulting Group

Report Development

Often clients need to know more about Taleo or about a metric. Or they don’t know exactly what they need, how to phrase it, or even if it’s possible.

If you want any kind of report, no matter how complicated, Modulus Data can do it.

Modulus Data can:

  • Scope out reports to be built.
  • Build a full-blown report request from vague requirements.
    – Discuss the report before it’s built, to make sure it meets the need.
    – Build reports for your team.
  • Help your team with issues on existing reports.
  • Work with any Taleo reporting tool.

For example, Modulus Data can show you how to create reports based on a:

  • Single Metric, like time to hire.
  • Complex Report, like time to hire by recruiter.
  • Dashboard, like a graph that show hires by recruiter.

For help with reporting, call Sébastien Nadeau at 418-455-6311.