Connect ADP to
Your HR Systems
to Save Time
and Money

Connect ADP to
Your HR Systems
to Save Time
and Money

Are you automatically connecting all the data captured during your hiring process to your ADP software for payroll, or are you re-entering data manually?

If your company hires more than 8 people a month then connecting your HR systems through data integration to avoid manual data re-entry is a no-brainer. Data integration saves time and money and also avoids manual re-entry errors. Further, a data integration never takes a sick day.

In addition to automating new hires into ADP Workforce Now or ADP Vantage HCM, a Modulus Data integration can also import employees, job templates, departments, and locations from ADP into your ATS or Core HR system.

No one knows more about how to integrate ADP with HR systems than Modulus Data. We are the leading seller of ATS and Core HR connectors for ADP.

Modulus Data Wins "Best Client Testimonial" at the ADP Marketplace Partnership Summit Awards

"If you are looking to seamlessly modernize your HR processes, and you have ADP Workforce Now®, you MUST get the Modulus Data Connector with Taleo Business Edition [or your ATS]. The tools are inseparable. The team at Modulus Data was extremely knowledgeable within both platforms and made the integration effortless. And they will work to meet your needs. Amazing experience in the eyes of a very hard-to-please customer."



What Data Gets Integrated?

New Hire Data

As soon as you push the hire button in your company’s ATS, this creates a new employee record in ADP Workforce Now or ADP Vantage HCM with all the relevant data mapped for name, address, social security number, salary, and benefits—everything necessary to process payroll.

Foundational Data/Core HR System Data

This means that company locations, departments, legal entities, employees, job codes, and job titles from ADP Workforce Now and ADP Vantage HCM are automatically replicated in your ATS. This way when recruiters and hiring managers log in to your ATS, they see company structures they recognize and can go to work immediately on a particular job in a particular office location.

How does an ADP client get a prebuilt connector?

Through the ADP marketplace

As soon as a you press the buy button for the connector, ADP sends a key for the client’s unique API to Modulus Data to handle the integration.

Clients can ask us questions here at Modulus Data about integration before the sale, but the ADP marketplace generates the necessary API key.

How does Modulus Data integrate ADP data?

Through the ADP API and Modulus Connect

An API to API connection allows for near-real-time data integration. As soon as the hire button is pressed in the company’s ATS, it shows up ADP Workforce Now or ADP Vantage HCM. Our Internet Platform as a Service connector (iPaaS),
Modulus Connect, provides for unlimited data transformation possibilities, near-real-time data, and rapid integration.

How fast is integration between ADP and other systems?

Total integration time is usually 4 weeks including custom data-mapping, custom testing in a trial environment, and a go-live launch.

Recent news:

Modulus Data Wins “Best Client Testimonial” at the ADP Marketplace Partnership Summit Awards.