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Romain Guay Founding Partner, Modulus Data

JF “Jeff” Carpentier

Business Intelligence Consultant

Jeff’s primary area of responsibility is making data look beautiful for clients. He leads the development of reports and analytics for the Oracle Business Intelligence platform.

Few people in the world have as much technical and operational knowledge in Oracle Business Intelligence. In fact, Jeff was the functional lead and only subject matter expert for Taleo Oracle Business Intelligence for eight years while working at Oracle. Simply if a report can be done in Oracle Business Intelligence or an existing report can be transitioned to OBI, Jeff knows how to do it.

Hiring and time-to-fill metrics, OFCCP, regulatory compliance including diversity reporting, and complex aggregate data compositions are among the most popular reporting requests that Jeff fulfills daily.

Jeff holds extensive experience in the migration of reports from SAP Business Objects to Oracle Business Intelligence. Jeff has led large-scale migration projects for enterprise SaaS as well as migrations for smaller businesses (SaaS).

Jeff is also a veteran of various IT fields including HL7 integration, system administration, and data security.

At Modulus Data, Jeff enjoys working directly with clients to fulfill the data sets and metrics they are looking for.