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Romain Guay Founding Partner, Modulus Data

Kam Judge

Director of Client Solutions

Kam Judge is Director of Client Solutions at Modulus Data. She is primarily responsible for matching clients with the right technical solutions, which align with their Talent Acquisition strategies and corporate business objectives.

With over 15 years of Taleo experience, Kam is a longtime Taleo veteran. Her unique combination of functional knowledge, business process strategy, data mapping, and integration expertise make Kam the ideal person to guide companies through practical integration solutions that improve business efficiency.

Kam has delivered consulting and training services to large and complex organizations. While working at Taleo, she grew in responsibility from a Services Account Manager to Internal Training Manager to Release Manager. On one of her larger consulting projects, Kam served as the technical lead responsible for the global design of a Taleo implementation within an IBM recruitment process outsourcing that cascaded to 80 countries and 32 languages.

Kam’s mind is well-tuned to understanding business processes. She knows that the proper flow of data and custom reporting can improve business efficiency.

Kam is also one of those rare Taleo experts who actually enjoys discussing all the wonderful things companies can do to leverage and learn from HR data.