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Romain Guay Founding Partner, Modulus Data

Laurent Gauthier, Ph.D.

Founding Partner, Modulus Data

Laurent Gauthier is a Founding Partner of Modulus Data. He is primarily responsible for administrative, legal and financial management of the company, overseeing the deployment and operation of the company’s cloud-based hosting infrastructure, as well as assuming the role of chief security officer.

Laurent is a versatile IT consultant and architect as well as a seasoned administrator and businessman. He brings more than 28 years of experience in information technologies, namely in the development, deployment, and management of IT systems, solutions, and teams.

As a consultant, Laurent has helped numerous large organizations deploy and implement software engineering tools and practices. He has contributed as architect and team lead, to the development and deployment of several solutions for companies like Hydro-Quebec, Gaz Metro, Desjardins, TC.Media, TD Insurance and Tarkett Flooring.

Laurent also has played a major role in projects such as mobile solutions for field technicians, transactional websites, intranet and extranet applications, the development and deployment of software frameworks, the design and implementation of web services and the transition to agile tools and methods.

Over the years, Mr. Gauthier has written several business and technical documents and has made many written and oral presentations to investors, clients, partners and technologists.