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Romain Guay Founding Partner, Modulus Data

Romain Guay

Founding Partner, Modulus Data

Romain Guay is a Founding Partner of Modulus Data. Romain is primarily responsible for the development of the Modulus Connect platform that allows for rapid implementation of complex data integrations. He supervises the R&D team, provides design orientations, and builds actual data integration solutions for customers.

Romain’s contributions to Taleo during his previous employment at Taleo/Oracle impacts nearly every Taleo integration in the world. Romain is the original designer of the Taleo Connect Client CustomSteps Java Library, TCC Touchpoints Deployment Model, the TCC Data Warehouse Package, and the TCC Document Extract Process.

Romain has also served as the technical lead or participant in over 100 complex Taleo integration projects (with PeopleSoft, SAP, Salesforce, Workday, etc.).

He is an expert at Taleo Enterprise integration using TCC and Web Services, an expert with TCC complex queries, custom Java pre/post processing, web services and XSL transformations, and an expert in batch processing, data conversion and complex integration flows.

Recently, Romain has been pioneering techniques to bring the advantages of web services while retaining the power of Taleo’s Bulk API by using a REST API layer with Taleo Business Edition.

Simply, few people in the world know as much about integrating Taleo with HR systems as Romain Guay.