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Romain Guay Founding Partner, Modulus Data

Sébastien Nadeau

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Sébastien Nadeau is Modulus Data’s Senior Business Intelligence Consultant. He is a recognized expert on analytics, report development, and report development training.

Sébastien was among the first people to work in the Taleo Reporting Environment while at Taleo. Further, while working at Oracle, he trained Oracle Partners on how to use Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) for Taleo.

Sébastien specializes in the field of HCM reporting and the SaaS delivery model. As a consultant, he has demonstrated his ability to plan and deliver quality reporting for customers, collaborating with important companies such as Fidelity, Citigroup, JPMC, Kaiser, and Desjardins.

Sébastien has been responsible for supporting, developing, implementing, and leading a wide array of reporting and integration solutions for over 12 years in the HCM field. He brings his many years of solid technical knowledge to every reporting and integration project.

Sébastien has a vast array of technology knowledge in his toolbox to ensure projects are delivered effectively and professionally, including XSL, Web Services, Taleo Enterprise Edition and Taleo Connect Client. So far, whatever report or metric a client has asked for, Sébastien has been able to supply a solution.

Sébastien has also worked on report migrations from Business Objects to Oracle Business Intelligence and has considerable experience in this process. He has also participated in large migration efforts, leveraging the integration toolset with different HRMS such as WorkDay, SAP, and IBM database solutions.

At Modulus Data, Sébastien enjoys leading the project team for successful reporting launches and enabling significant new talent management opportunities for clients.