Modulus Data Featured in PBS In Depth Series Hosted by Laurence Fishburne

Modulus Data called a "thought leader impacting business" in this video on technology trends.

In the latest PBS In Depth Series with Laurence Fishburne, Modulus Data appears as the expert on HR data integration. Laurence Fishburne’s In Depth Series spotlights organizations that are pushing industries in the right direction, and Modulus Data matches that profile. 

The business segment focuses on the unexpected problem created by HR SaaS apps: how employee data sits in disconnected silos in the cloud. The segment then explains how Modulus Data streamlines HR departments’ workflows with data integration.

“We know HR professionals want to use best-of-breed apps,” says Sarah Bragg, VP of Customer Success for Modulus Data. “But in most HR departments, employees are manually entering data across apps—which really is a huge waste of time, decreasing your employees’ morale and also your bottom line.”

Modulus Data client Don Oleski, IT Director of MAPEI Americas, also appears in the segment to explain how HR data integration improves organizations. “The thing I tell IT Directors and HR Managers is this: automate your data processes with data integration. Stop manually entering data from app to app. Data integration improves your accuracy and makes you more efficient.”

At the close of the video, Modulus Data CEO Yan Courtois sums up the key benefit of Modulus Data’s integration platform, Flexspring, which allows HR departments to easily connect data. “Data integration improves office morale and efficiency. It allows for all HR work to be strategic.”

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