Modulus Data is among the most experienced in the world at setting up new Taleo integrations.

Our experts (both with our company and during their time at Oracle) have led over 100 new Taleo integration projects for enterprise-level businesses around the world using Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE). We also have led many integrations for small and medium sized businesses using Taleo Business Edition (TBE).

Our Taleo experts have worked on every continent and with a wide variety of industries including defense, pharmaceuticals, health care, banking, insurance, retail, technology, consulting, logistics, and government.

As result, Modulus Data brings clear methodologies and best practices to ensure the most efficient and effective integration of Taleo within your organization.

We respect your HR processes and existing IT infrastructure. We take a top down approach, starting with what you want to achieve. We listen carefully to identify business goals, continue with data analysis, and handle everything from data mapping, documentation, coding and testing to ensure success.

We also customize the branding and integration to meet the specific needs of your business. This includes creating new branded interfaces through CSS/HTML and new integrations using custom coding such as Java and XSLT to adapt to your specific IT infrastructure.

Finally, we create the custom reporting to help you measure and track any metric you desire.

The Modulus Data Consulting Process


We listen first. Then we discuss requirements to reach a common understanding of your integration needs and opportunities.


We create a complete technical project plan. The plan establishes upcoming activities as well as the responsibilities for each task.


We define integration requirements based on business cases. During this phase, we walk through the content of each integration in what we call a data mapping exercise. While doing so, we seek potential process enhancements that improve business efficiency.

Build and Test

We code and develop the integrations based on the established requirements. Upon development completion, initial input and output files are exchanged in what we call system testing. We conduct system testing based on leading practices.

Deliver and Test

We deliver scripts and integration tools to you. Taleo Connect Client knowledge transfer is performed and further testing is accomplished in a staging environment on your actual infrastructure. We assist during environment cutover and initial data loads to ensure the solution is bulletproof.


We transition integrations from a Taleo staging environment to the Taleo production environment. We monitor the automated process to seek improvements.

For help with a new Taleo Data Integration, call Yan Courtois, a Modulus Data Founding Partner, at 917-618-9536.