Oracle Business Intelligence Report Development

While many people know Oracle Business Intelligence, Modulus Data brings unique understanding of how OBI integrates with Taleo to help you develop the reports you need to improve business efficiency.

Oracle Business Intelligence has been tailored for Taleo to meet SaaS (Software as a Service) standards. This means that some of the features of OBI that are traditionally available when the system is hosted on premise are locked and unavailable.

Therefore, to get the most out of OBI for Taleo, you need deep knowledge of the Taleo data model and how the reporting tool has been tailored for SaaS. This is where Modulus Data shines. You won’t lose time with unavailable features, and due to our extensive experience, Modulus Data can quickly translate your unique requirements into a working Taleo report.

Our experts understand the importance of listening to fully understand a client’s specific needs. For example, many companies like to track time to hire. However, different companies define when the timer starts and stops differently.

Should a situation arise where it is not possible to do a particular report in Oracle Business Intelligence, Modulus Data can generate the report through other Taleo tools such as embedded reporting, native report, and Taleo Connect Client.

Simply, Modulus Data will help you find the most efficient way to meet your reporting needs. If you can think it, Modulus Data can develop the report.

Working in Oracle Business Intelligence, Modulus Data can:

  • Scope out reports to be built.- Build a full-blown report request from vague requirements.
    – Discuss the report before it’s built, to make sure it meets the need.
  • Build reports for your team.
  • Help your team with issues on existing reports.

For example, Modulus Data can create reports based on a:

  • Single Metric, like time to hire.
  • Complex Report, like time to hire by recruiter.
  • Dashboard, like a graph that show hires by recruiter.
Modulus Data knows how to deliver integrations. Their level of expertise is exceptional. We constantly seek their advice now.

- Daniel Richard, Managing Director,
Sonru UK

When I assign a Taleo project to Modulus Data, I never have to worry about it again.

- John Weston, CEO,
Newbury Consulting Group

For help with reporting, call Sébastien Nadeau at 418-455-6311.