Oracle Business Intelligence Report Training

Training from Modulus Data is hands-on and interactive. Clients work in their own zone and on their own data. Training from Modulus Data is not a PowerPoint presentation — it’s hands-on learning to help clients to create their own report solutions and have confidence creating customized reports.

From our years of experience successfully developing reports for clients, Modulus Data knows Taleo’s data structure and what metrics are most commonly tracked. We also know every client’s needs are unique.

Modulus Data are experts in both Business Objects and Oracle Business Intelligence. This means we understand the differences and can better answer questions as people transition between the two reporting platforms.

Training is based on the customer schedule. It can be done on-site and in-person or via Webex. Whatever works best for you. You can also record any training we do to support future training within your company.

Modulus Data knows how to deliver integrations. Their level of expertise is exceptional. We constantly seek their advice now.

- Daniel Richard, Managing Director,
Sonru UK

When I assign a Taleo project to Modulus Data, I never have to worry about it again.

- John Weston, CEO,
Newbury Consulting Group

For training in Oracle Business Intelligence, call Sébastien Nadeau at 418-455-6311.