Connect Oracle HCM
to Any HR App
to Save Time
and Money

Connect Oracle HCM
to Any HR App
to Save Time
and Money

Avoid manual data entry by automatically synchronizing employee information between Oracle HCM and other applications in your HR ecosystem.

Oracle HCM Prebuilt Connectors from Modulus Data are the fastest and more cost-effective way to integrate data with Oracle HCM.

A data integration using Mulesoft is approximately 337% more expensive than using Modulus Data’s Oracle HCM Prebuilt Connectors.

iPaaS Deployment of 4 connections and 2 nodes for three years:

With Oracle HCM Prebuilt Connectors you can avoid creating time-intensive custom code that may break. Total integration time with Modulus Data is usually 4 weeks including data-mapping, testing in a trial environment, and a go-live launch.

Oracle HCM Prebuilt Connectors are currently available for:

If you have additional requests for Oracle HCM integration, please let Modulus Data know. Call Yan Courtois, a Modulus Data Founding Partner, at 917-618-9536 or email

Taleo Data Integration with Oracle HCM

Enjoy complete automation by going beyond standard integration.

Automatically synch new hire, re-hire, transfers, and foundational HR data between Taleo and Oracle HCM in real-time to avoid double data entry.

The Taleo to Oracle HCM Prebuilt Connector from Modulus Data goes beyond Taleo Connect Client (TCC), scheduled file transfers, and HDL scripting to unlock next-generation, rapid integration that can handle the most complex Oracle HCM integration scenarios.

Oracle provides a standard integration for Taleo and Oracle HCM that works in a majority of integration cases. However, the standard integration tool won’t work:

If you need custom fields from Taleo.
If you want to manage re-hire, transfer, and promotions.
If you do not match all the prerequisites on foundational data in Taleo.
If you implemented Taleo first before Oracle HCM.
If you want your workers inserted into Oracle HCM to be automatically converted into employees.
If you want to go past transferring demographics and set-up payroll relationships, element entries, and others to truly automate your workflow.
If you want data shared in real-time.
If you want to monitor your integration and validate any errors in real-time.

The Taleo to Oracle HCM Prebuilt Connector from Modulus Data solves all these challenges easily.

“Modulus Data’s Taleo Enterprise to Oracle HCM Integration is saving us 20-40 hour per week—essentially a full-time employee. We’re getting great and very positive feedback from recruiters and from operations. They don’t have to touch the records anymore or juggle paper forms for manual re-entry. Folks are happy to give up the drudge work. There’s a feeling that this integration really makes a difference here.”

What Data Gets Integrated between Oracle HCM and Taleo?

New Hire Data

When hiring someone in Taleo, this creates a new employee record in Oracle HCM with all the relevant data mapped for name, address, social security number, salary, and payroll. We also manage hires, re-hires, transfers, and promotions.

Foundational Data/Core HR System Data

This means that company locations, departments, legal entities, job codes, and job titles from Oracle HCM are automatically replicated in Taleo. This way when recruiters and hiring managers log in to your ATS, they see company structures they recognize and can go to work immediately on a particular job in a particular office location.

Oracle HCM integration with ServiceNow

Avoid manual data entry by automatically synchronizing employee information between ServiceNow and Oracle HCM.

Whenever an employee updates their information in either ServiceNow or Oracle HCM for a new address, new last name, change in marital status, etc., the changes automatically appear in the other application.

Employees prefer a responsive consumer experience from their HR apps. Modulus Data’s Oracle HCM integration ServiceNow provides instant gratification.

Oracle HCM integration with OneLogin

To accelerate the onboarding process for new hires, Modulus Data created the Oracle HCM to OneLogin Prebuilt Connector.

As soon as a new hire is created in Oracle HCM, that user’s information is synced to OneLogin. OneLogin provides the user with single sign-on credentials to all their business applications, as well as automatically creates new accounts in various downstream company software and IT directories.

With OneLogin, an employee can go to one portal to sign-in to all company software and IT administrators have a single pane to manage user access and accounts.