Use our prebuilt connectors and never re-enter HR data again.

Use our prebuilt connectors and never re-enter HR data again.

Prebuilt Connectors from Modulus Data are the fastest and most cost-effective way to integrate data between your HR systems.

HR professionals want to avoid double data entry between systems so they can focus on more strategic things. Re-entering new hire data from the company ATS into Core HR and the Payroll system is inefficient, vulnerable to manual errors, and with data integration—no longer necessary.

Modulus Data’s Prebuilt Connectors require no internal IT resources to be allocated to create or maintain an integration. These connectors also share data to and from software API’s in real-time. This streamlines HR processes in a way that was previously impossible.

Who benefits most from data integration?

Any company who wants to improve HR efficiency by avoiding double data entry benefits from Modulus Data’s solutions. Typically, customers that hire more than 8 employees a month find that they experience return on investment from time savings in the first year.

Modulus Data’s Prebuilt Connectors work for businesses that hire in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Prebuilt Connectors
We already have prebuilt connectors for the following apps:

If you have requests for connectors for additional HR software, please let Modulus Data know. Call Yan Courtois, a Modulus Data Founding Partner, at 917-618-9536, or email

“Modulus Data’s Integration is saving us 20-40 hours per week—essentially a full-time employee. We’re getting great and very positive feedback from recruiters and from operations. They don’t have to touch the records anymore or juggle paper forms for manual re-entry. Folks are happy to give up the drudge work. There’s a feeling that this integration really makes a difference here.”

Who is Modulus Data and how do we handle integration?

Modulus Data is a recognized expert in data integration for HR applications. Connecting HR data is all we do. Our experts have handled over 2,500 data integrations over their careers for enterprise and midsized businesses.

Modulus Data’s Prebuilt Connectors run on our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution, Modulus Connect. This cloud integration platform solves the problem inherent in all HR SaaS apps: the data is currently in disconnected silos in the cloud. With the Modulus Connect platform and prebuilt connectors, data is automatically shared between apps.

Modulus Data creates, hosts, monitors, and maintains the data integration bridge between your HR apps, so your company does not have to dedicate internal IT resources to integration or maintain the integration. Simply, what SaaS did for software, iPaaS does for integration.

How fast is integration between systems?

Total integration time for prebuilt connectors is usually 4 weeks including testing in a trial environment, and a go-live launch, which is handled by Modulus Data.

Custom integrations are usually completed in under 8 weeks.

“Modulus Data provided the easiest implementation that I’ve been through. It saves our HR department hours each day by avoiding double-data entry from new hire to payroll. I’m happy with this quick and seamless move into the future.”

What kind of data can be integrated?

Clients usually have three main requests:

  1. They want to push data from their ATS into Core HR and Payroll.
  2. They want to pull data from Core HR into their ATS.
  3. They also want to extract data from their Core HR system and push it into their downstream systems like financial ERP system, active directory, learning management, performance management, and employee self-service portals.

Types of data most often integrated and why:

Foundational Data / Core HR System Data

This means that company locations, departments, legal entities, job codes, and job titles from the Core HR system are automatically replicated in the ATS. This way when recruiters and hiring managers log in to their ATS, they see company structures they recognize and can go to work immediately on a particular job in a specific office location.

Job Data

This means job catalogs, job description templates, and job requisitions to fill vacancies from Core HR are automatically replicated in their ATS. This way recruiters and hiring managers can maintain consistency for job descriptions and offer consistently appropriate salaries per location and job title.

New Hire Data

As soon as a customer pushes the hire button in their ATS, this creates a new employee record in Core HR and Payroll and maps all the relevant data for name, address, social security number, salary, and benefits. New hire data can also map to onboarding systems to get a new employee up and working immediately.

Employee Data

When you’re extracting employee data for financial ERP systems or performance management systems, it’s critical that the information is completely up-to-date to cover correct salaries and information like direct reports. Using Core HR API’s, all this data replicates between systems in real-time.

“HR departments should embrace the time-savings of data integration. Solving the double data entry problem saves our HR resources hours monthly, freeing our teams to work on things of greater strategic benefit to our company. The cost-benefit analysis made the Modulus Data connector cheaper to buy than build. And the implementation process was seamless and really easy.”

“Modulus Data knows how to deliver integrations. Their level of expertise is exceptional. We constantly seek their advice now.”