Connect Any HR
App to Predictive
Index to Avoid
Double Data Entry

Connect Any HR
App to Predictive
Index to Avoid
Double Data Entry

Predictive Index Prebuilt Connectors from Modulus Data are the fastest and most cost-effective way to integrate Predictive Index candidate data with any HR system.

HR professionals want to avoid double data entry between systems so they can focus on more strategic things. Re-entering candidate data from your ATS into Predictive Index to facilitate cognitive and behavioral assessment is inefficient, vulnerable to manual errors, and with data integration—no longer necessary.

Modulus Data’s Predictive Index Prebuilt Connectors require no internal IT resources to be allocated to creating or maintaining an integration. These connectors also allow data to be shared from and to your ATS in real-time. This streamlines HR processes in a way that was previously impossible.

“The Greenhouse to Predictive Index integration from Modulus Data is a game-changer for us. It’s taken what was previously a 10-20 minute process and reduced it to one minute. With this integration, we’re easily saving 10 hours a week on candidate review.

Now, we can collect more information, broaden our pool of candidates, and increase the amount of positions we can focus on filling each week. Already, we’re seeing our time to fill a position decrease.

Simply, if you’re sending more than 10 candidates a week to Predictive Index, you’ll notice it. If you’re sending more than 20 PI’s a week, you’ll be annoyed if you don’t have this integration.”


Solved: The Most Common Use Case for Predictive Index and your ATS

Rather than experiencing HR bottlenecks that can only be resolved by manual project management and manual data entry, each ATS to Predictive Index Prebuilt Connector from Modulus Data solves the following common use case:

Automatically trigger a Predictive Index assessment for a specific candidate upon reaching a certain step and status in your ATS application workflow.

Automatically extract the recruiter name, candidate name, and email address necessary to begin the cognitive and behavioral assessment from your ATS and import the recruiter name, candidate name, and email address into Predictive Index in real-time.

Upon a candidate’s completion of each of the cognitive and behavioral assessments, the candidate’s test results are securely extracted from Predictive Index and imported back into your ATS and attached to the candidate’s profile.

This integration eliminates an average of 20-minutes of project management and manual data entry per candidate.

How is ATS data integrated with other HR systems?

Generally, an API to API connection will be used as this allows for real-time data integration. As soon as something is entered or updated in one system, it shows up in the other.

Who benefits most from data integration?

Any company who wants to improve HR efficiency by avoiding double data entry benefits from Modulus Data’s solution. Typically, customers that send more than 10 candidates a week to Predictive Index find that they experience return on investment from time savings in the first year.

This integration solution works for businesses that hire in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Who is Modulus Data and how do we handle integration?

Modulus Data is a recognized expert in data integration for HR applications. Connecting HR data is all we do.

Modulus Data’s Prebuilt Connectors run on an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution, Modulus Connect. This cloud integration platform solves the problem inherent in all HR SaaS apps: the data is currently in disconnected silos in the cloud. With the Modulus Connect platform and prebuilt connectors, data is automatically shared between apps.

Modulus Data creates, hosts, monitors, and maintains the data integration bridge between Predictive Index and other HR apps, so your company does not have to dedicate internal IT resources to integration or maintain the integration. Simply what SaaS did for software, iPaaS does for integration.

How fast is integration between Predictive Index and other systems?

Total integration time is usually 1-2 weeks including testing in a trial environment, and a go-live launch, which is handled by Modulus Data.