Need an HR data integration, but not seeing your use case? Request a new data connector.

Modulus Data works with HR software companies and HR professionals to solve HR data integration challenges. Everything connects. Just tell us what data connector you need.

New Data Connectors Are Relatively Easy for Modulus Data

Modulus Data builds new prebuilt connectors on an as-needed basis for HR software companies and HR professionals. HR data integration is all that we do. It’s relatively easy for us to build a new HR app to HR app integration because chances are, we already know at least one side of the integration.

The experts at Modulus Data know the leading practices for API integration, the most popular integration use cases, and data fields necessary to complete most integrations. At Modulus Data, we say, “Everything connects.” Just tell us what HR apps you want to connect, and we can get it done.

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“HR departments should embrace the time-savings of data integration. Solving the double data entry problem saves our HR resources hours monthly, freeing our teams to work on things of greater strategic benefit to our company. The cost-benefit analysis made the Modulus Data connector cheaper to buy than build. And the implementation process was seamless and really easy.”

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