Salesforce ADP Integration: Connect Salesforce to ADP to Save Time and Money

Salesforce with ADP integration from Modulus Data can handle any level of complexity between Salesforce and ADP Workforce Now®, ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation, or ADP Vantage HCM®.

Share new hires and employee updates from Salesforce with ADP. Also, gain hands-free integration for paycheck data, time and attendance summaries, and more.

When experts connect data, you have peace of mind.

Gain seamless integration between Salesforce and ADP or your payroll app.


Improve your HR team’s productivity by avoiding double data entry between Salesforce and ADP or your payroll app.


No internal IT resources are needed to create a data integration. The experts at Modulus Data handle all custom data mapping.


Go beyond scheduled file transfer to gain near real-time data sharing via API to API connection.


Gain fast integration using custom-tailored connectors.


Increase security by reducing the creation of unnecessary user accounts, duplicate employee profiles, and people involved with manual data entry.


Data integrations from Modulus Data do not require manual interventions, do not store data (beyond temporary transaction logs or client-defined requirements), are GDPR-compliant, SOC 2 certified, and meet enterprise-level security standards.


Modulus Data focuses solely on HR data integration. It’s all we do. We’re an ADP Platinum Partner and one of the leading sellers of  connectors for ADP.


4 Most Popular Use Cases for SALESFORCE Integration WITH ADP

Modulus Data provides Salesforce ADP connectors for four popular integration use cases.

Data integration from Modulus Data frees your team from time-wasting, manual double-data entry. You only pay for the use case or use cases that you need. Salesforce ADP connectors are among our most popular requests for Salesforce integration.

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Use Case Details

New Hires from Salesforce to ADP

When a new employee is created, this integration automatically brings over new hire data from Salesforce into ADP with all employee data required to process payroll.

Employee Updates from Salesforce to ADP

As soon as employee data is updated in Salesforce (including promotions, terminations, and re-hires or any other customizable fields) data automatically updates in ADP. Data integration ensures that all employee data needed to process payroll is always up-to-date for current employees.

Time & Attendance Summaries from Salesforce to ADP

This integration eliminates the risk of manual data errors by automatically bringing over Time & Attendance Summaries from Salesforce to ADP for employees (including work hours, paid time off, vacation, and sick days) so that ADP can accurately calculate payroll.

Paycheck Data from ADP to Salesforce

This integration brings over employees’ paycheck data from ADP to Salesforce so that employees can easily access their payslip after every payroll cycle. Note: additionaluser interface fields must be created in Salesforce by your Salesforce administrator to view paycheck data in Salesforce.

Note: Salesforce is highly customizable (using Workbench and SOQL language). Modulus Data’s custom integrations can handle any complexity to share and map any data from Salesforce to ADP in near real-time via API.

About Custom Integration with Salesforce

Features custom data mapping by Modulus Data integration experts leveraging Flexspring

Custom integration using a Salesforce with ADP connector from Modulus Data is fast and relatively easy. The experts at Modulus Data do all the data mapping to create a custom connector tailor-made for your business. No internal IT resources are needed to create or maintain your integration.

With custom connectors, the experts at Modulus Data meet the unique integration needs of your business as well as match the unique data field names and data syntax requirements of your Salesforce and ADP apps.

Modulus Data’s integrations have a distinct advantage: Flexspring. Flexspring is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) built from the ground up by Modulus Data to meet the complex requirements of HR data integration. Simply, what SaaS does for software, Flexspring does for integration.

Flexspring is built for flexibility and speed. Leveraging integration templates, the experts at Modulus Data can easily customize your integration to meet your unique business needs.

Flexspring integrations are also future-proof. The Modulus Data support team can easily make changes in the future should new business rules, new payment codes, or new custom fields need to be added in Salesforce or ADP.

Fast integration

A custom integration of the Salesforce with ADP connector can be fully deployed in 8-12 weeks, depending on complexity.

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