Single Sign-On

Most companies have experienced the challenge of maintaining multiple password logins for many employees for the various software applications they use. The current best practice is to use a federation service like SAML 2.0 for Single Sign-On within a company. This allows one employee to use one password across all software applications.

Modulus Data is among the most experienced integrators for configuring and trouble-shooting Taleo to work seamlessly with a SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Solution. Our experts have handled over 80 SSO implementations for Taleo with some the largest companies in the world in banking, retail, aviation, consulting, and the public sector.

Modulus Data handles your entire Single Sign-On configuration over an accurate timeline. Modulus Data does the configuration, trouble-shooting, testing, and leads the “go live.”

Training from Modulus Data includes teaching tips and tricks to resolve the most common issues, such as user account issues and timestamp issues. We also train and coach each client so you can make annual modifications to the security certificate.

For help with a new Taleo Data Integration, call Yan Courtois, a Modulus Data Founding Partner, at 917-618-9536.