The Future of Data Integration — Oracle HCM User Group Webinar and Q&A

The founders of Modulus Data explain the next evolution of enterprise data integration in this Oracle HCM User Group Webinar. Learn about cloud integration with Taleo, Oracle HCM, and any application with an API that provides for near real-time data at any volume.

General Q&A from “The Future of Data Integration” OHUG Webinar

We wanted to take the time answer all the excellent questions we received during our webinar about Modulus Connect.

Below are the general questions and answers relevant to HR and IT professionals. More specific technical answers are being emailed directly to the person who asked the question.

If you have any specific questions that we haven’t addressed, please feel free to email

Question:  Is Modulus Connect a replacement to Taleo Connect Client, a new purchase, or third-party vendor?

Answer:  Modulus Connect is a newer tool from Modulus Data that overcomes some of the limitations of TCC and also allows:

  1. Cloud-based bi-directional integration between Oracle Taleo and Oracle Fusion, HCM, and other software you may have.
  2. Cloud-based bi-directional integration between non-Taleo software.
  3. Centralized Cloud-based management and monitoring of all integrations within one interface, which is accessible on mobile devices.

The key evolution is Modulus Connect integrates any software with an API (more than just Taleo), can be cloud-based, and provides for near-real time data at any volume.

Question: Is it possible to build integration in the Cloud using Modulus Connect, or do you have to build it locally?

Answer: Integrations are currently built locally using the Modulus Connect Integration Builder Application and can be deployed locally or on the cloud depending on the client’s needs. In the future, integrations will also be built directly in the cloud using the Modulus Connect Integration Builder Interface for deployment locally or in the cloud.

Question:  Will this work with a locally-hosted Oracle EBS system? (Specifically New Hire, Rehire / Transfer integration from TEE). Will Modulus Connect work with a locally hosted system?  Does the connecting application/system need to be on the cloud? Like PeopleSoft? Does it need to be on the cloud first?

Answer:  Modulus Connect works in the cloud or locally depending on a client’s preference.

We currently have clients live that are using our platform to integrate between EBS and other applications. Modulus Data has deep expertise with regards to New Hire / Rehire / Transfer scenarios.  Modulus Connect has the technology required to integrate with on-premise systems. The usage of an FTP server to exchange files between systems is an option in these cases.

Question:  Are the scripts pre-configured?  Who will set up the mapping of Taleo vs. HCM fields?  Client or Modulus Data?

Answer:  The mapping will be defined by the customer and the experts at Modulus Data as part of the integration configuration process.

Question:  Is it possible to send information (as you did in demo) from Taleo to third party vendor as http request or SOAP request form?

Answer:  Yes. We have successfully managed http post requests as well as SOAP calls. Modulus Data is a pioneer in the integration of third-party software.

Question:  Can this be used to send benefit data for Medical, Dental, Vision to healthcare providers (third-party STFP via secured tunnel)?

Answer:  Yes. Modulus Data is a pioneer in the integration of third-party software. Any two systems can be connected.

Question:  For file transfers, can PGP encryption be easily incorporated into the process?

Answer:  Yes, PGP encryption can easily be incorporated for file transfers.