With the increasingly diverse landscape of HR systems and HR data, there is a need to aggregate information so you can generate reports and get better intelligence on what’s going on in your company.

For example, if you have recruiting data and core HR data in separate systems, you might be able to know what college provides most of your hires. But you won’t be able to correlate which college delivers the employees that get promoted and stay with the company to become all-stars.

The experts at Modulus Data have successfully implemented over 25 Taleo data warehouse extractions for global Fortune 100 companies. No one can bring more experience to a Taleo data warehouse extraction.

In fact, one of the founders of Modulus Data, while at Taleo, authored the data warehouse extraction framework used in nearly every Taleo data warehouse extraction globally. He designed the data model, the extraction process, and we have refined it throughout the years by providing customers with custom-tailored solutions.

Modulus Data can help you extract all of your recruiting data internally for compliance, archival, and reporting purposes. Of course, extraction isn’t a one-time process. Once a Modulus data warehouse is set-up on your servers, data refreshes daily.

With a data warehouse extraction, the devil is in the details. Talk to Modulus Data today to discover proven methodologies and leading practices for implementing your data warehouse extraction.