Connect Taleo to
Any HR App
to Save Time
and Money

Connect Taleo to
Any HR App
to Save Time
and Money

Use Taleo prebuilt connectors from Modulus Data for next-generation, rapid integration that connects Taleo data throughout your HR ecosystem in near-real-time.

Taleo Prebuilt Connectors integrate data in near-real-time at a lower price.
If you have a Core HR system, recruiting marketing tool, internet portal, payroll system, or any HR software that you’re looking to integrate with Taleo, Prebuilt Connectors are the smartest solution.

Prebuilt connectors from Modulus Data take Taleo integration beyond Taleo Connect Client scripting and scheduled file transfers to unlock faster and more flexible integration for any HR system with Taleo.

Currently, Modulus Data has prebuilt connectors for Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) and Taleo Business Edition (TBE) to:

    • Oracle HCM
    • ADP
    • DynaFile
    • Talent Sonar
    • SAP
    • Ultipro
    • Workday
    • Tazworks
    • OneLogin
    • Any API

We are continually building new Prebuilt Connectors for Taleo to integrate Taleo with any HR system. If you have an HR system that needs to integrate with Taleo, please let us know.

Modulus Data is an Oracle Gold Partner. Over their careers, our experts have completed over 2,000 Taleo integrations and created Taleo integration tools used in nearly every Taleo integration in the world. No one knows more about how to integrate Taleo with HR applications than Modulus Data.

7 Reasons Why Taleo Prebuilt Connectors from Modulus Data are Superior to TCC (Taleo Connect Client) Integration:

An all-in-one solution

With any integration, there are two parts. You have to write scripts to pull data from one application and write scripts to push data to another. Taleo Connect Client only pulls the data from Taleo. Another type of script solution is needed for the other application. Taleo Prebuilt Connectors handle both pull and push.

Faster integration

Instead of needing two development teams or two separate scripts for a Taleo to Oracle HCM Cloud integration (for example), pull and push is integrated by one solution. Thus, integration often takes half the time as using TCC and an additional integration tool or script. Taleo Prebuilt Connector integrations typically take 4 weeks including custom data-mapping, custom testing in a trial environment, and a go-live launch.

Gain near-real-time data at any volume

TCC pushes files that need to be pulled by other applications. Many applications crash if they receive files too frequently. As a result, most clients schedule TCC file transfers to occur only one time each day.

Using a Taleo Prebuilt Connector direct through APIs, data transfer occurs in near-real-time without crashing applications. Simply enter information into one system and it is instantly viewable in the other. Global client case studies have already successfully proven that Taleo Prebuilt Connectors can handle any volume of data in near-real-time.

Costs Less

Taleo Prebuilt Connectors were conceived to create cost savings for clients.

Cost savings come from less billable hours during integration and from not having to use internal IT resources to maintain scripts.

With TCC, your company needs a qualified software engineer to monitor, maintain, and potentially alter Taleo and other pull application scripts as your business evolves. Or you need to bring in additional resources should something break.

Under Modulus Data’s Prebuilt Connectors iPaaS model (Internet Platform as a Service), Modulus Data monitors, maintains, and takes whatever steps are necessary to ensure your integration stays up and working.

Enjoy unlimited flexibility

Taleo Prebuilt Connectors can handle any integration, but also can be modified for the complex stuff. Our iPaaS platform, Modulus Connect, uses a graphical interface that easily allows for unlimited business rules and data mapping transformations. It is also bi-directional, so changing values in one application changes values in the other.

TCC only pushes data one way and usually involves further complications when dealing with custom fields.

Actual Flow of a Taleo Enterprise Edition Integration to ADP for New Hires


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Instant monitoring

Because TCC only pushes a file, there is no proof the integration is working without running an integration report from another application.

As the Modulus Connect platform runs Taleo Prebuilt Connectors, it monitors the integration from both applications and instantly generates a success or error message. Further, complex business rules can be written in Modulus Connect that can automatically handle integration errors or send an instant email alert to someone if there is an issue with even just one record. With Modulus Connect’s mobile and desktop app, you always have instant insight into your integration status without running a report.

Taleo Prebuilt Connectors was designed specifically to surpass TCC

No one knows the limitations of Taleo Connect Client better than Romain Guay, the architect of Modulus Connect and our Taleo Prebuilt Connectors. While at Taleo, Romain was the original designer of the Taleo Connect Client extensions that have been used in nearly every Taleo integration and Taleo data warehouse extraction in the world. In 2013, Modulus Connect was created specifically to go beyond the limitations of TCC and offer clients the future of cloud-based integration today.